Good patent research is the basis of many aspects of a good patent strategy.

Different patent searches

Good patent research is the basis of many aspects of a good patent strategy. 

We offer the following types of searches. Please contact us for more information and pricing. 

Knock-out novelty search

Sometimes, inspiration hits and you want a quick assessment if a new idea or concept could be patentable. For this purpose, we have developed this simple search with a quick turnaround at an affordable price.

Feasibility search

Our feasibility search is a next level, more thorough patentability search and furthermore includes a prima facie FTO assessment on the results. The purpose is to provide a tool for early-stage risk assessment: will the patent application lead to grant & are there any infringement risks?

Freedom-to-operate search & opinion

Before launching a new product, you want to rule out any infringement risks. But given the fact that there are millions of granted patents and pending applications, finding an answer to such questions can be a tedious and time-consuming process. In order to keep the costs at bay, we offer a two-stage process. In stage 1, we determine together with you which aspects of your product are to be researched, following which our searcher prepares a longlist of patents which may need further review. In stage 2, we determine together with you a shortlist of patents at which we need to take a closer look, and one of our experienced patent attorneys performs an infringement risk assessment.

Patent invalidation search

You are bothered by one of your competitor’s patents and you want to find documentation for the purpose of invalidation of the patent in opposition or nullity proceedings. Or, you want to make sure your own patent is valid before enforcing it against your competitor. Just give us the patent number, and we will perform a full-blown prior art search.

Patent watch

You want us to keep you posted if your competitors files new patents or gets them granted. Or you want to know about the patents that are published in your area of technology. At your choice, we can periodically prepare a hyperlinked document or set up a periodic alert straight into your mailbox.

Tailor-made searches

Further tailor-made searches can be performed at your request within an agreed budget.

Our experience

All our patent searches are carried out by an inhouse patent searcher in cooperation with an experience patent attorney. This way, we can ensure short delivery times without compromising on quality. 

We make use of professional patent databases with possibilities for online collaboration with the client. In this way, we can interact efficiently with you to come to the desired result in the shortest possible term.

Stephanie Sarlet
European and Belgian patent attorney


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