Many innovative companies seek funding to expend on their ideas but often find it difficult for various reasons.

Secure and stable funding

Many innovative companies seek funding to expend on their ideas but often find it difficult for various reasons: 

  • Institutional investors are hesitant to fund yet unproven ventures;
  • Venture capitalists often lack the technical knowledge to fully appreciate the value of innovation;
  • Funding rounds can be time consuming and distracting, at a time when the company needs to focus its resources to its products or services. 

In brief: innovative companies need to secure stable funding without diverting too much resources from the innovation itself. This is why… 


How we can help

As an IT/IP firm, we have extensive experience in securing innovation, promoting it, and making it accessible to a wider audience. Our technical experts will go over every aspect of your project to provide the best description based on what would best resonate with each type of investor. Every document is subject to an iterative agile process to receive input from relevant members of your team and ensure the final deliverable is the most accurate and description of your project. This deliverable can be used to create attractive pitch decks and executive summaries.  


Our experience

Several of our experts have founded startup ventures and secured funding for others. Some of us even have a technical background to complement our legal training and have spent more time white-boarding with engineers than in a court of law.

We have secured funding for dozens of ventures, from private investors. Our track record gives us credibility when promoting your innovation and facilitate access to decision makers.  

This makes us the to-go-to party to secure funding for your innovation: a white glove service that removes the burden for legal counsels, in-house IP experts and engineers, whilst reducing stress on budgets and the distraction of having to find and approach investors on your own. 

Bart Lieben


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