Expanding your business abroad starts with international contracting.

International agreements and their complexity

Many companies need to secure international agreements to cement cooperation or partnerships, but difficulties abound:    

  • Legal nuances are often difficult to translate; 
  • Integrating business requirements into an agreement often require in-house knowledge; 
  • Multi-jurisdictional, multi-cultural and multi-language issues need to be dealt with.

  In brief: international agreements have become increasingly complex and companies often have to make do with internal resources. However… 

Develop a tailored approach towards international relationships

Key members of our firm have been drafting international business agreements for close to 25 years, in several languages, supporting commercial teams and C-suite in complex negotiations.

This knowledge and expertise are reinforced by our proprietary technical tools which allow the whole structure of complex agreements to be automatically generated alongside standard clauses, based on the company’s legal department input on the scope and design of the partnership, allowing our team to focus on specific issues that are directly relevant to the deal at hand.  

Forging international business relationships

Having worked for Big-4 consultancy firms and as in-house counsels for major companies, our team brings a unique business-oriented perspective to drafting that we have honed with thousands of contracts for hundreds of clients. Trained in Europe, key members of our team have also worked for global US-based firms and companies, giving us a key understanding of customs and negotiations’ styles across the Atlantic. 

Our proprietary drafting tool is regularly enhanced based on principle court cases and the evolution of business practices.  

This makes us the to-go-to party for high-value partnerships with complex technological aspects: a white glove service that removes the burden for legal counsels, in-house IP experts and paralegals, whilst reducing stress. 

Bart Lieben
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