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Challenging the Iron Triangle of Customer Service

When engaging with a service provider, especially law firms, clients are often confronted with the tradeoff that is summarised as “good, fast, cheap: choose two”: cheap and good unlikely results in a fast delivery; if it must be cheap and fast, it probably won’t be any good; and if it must be good and fast, it is probably not cheap.

For this reason, most law firms focus on quality first, then speed of delivery, which more often than not results in invoices based on “time & materials” over which clients have extremely limited control.

This “Iron Triangle” incited us to rethink the way how we engage and interact with clients.

Entrepreneur-oriented Legal Solutions

Our entrepreneurial focus radiates in each and every aspect of how we assist our clients: while most law firms segment their services in vertical offerings, like “Corporate”, “Commercial”, “IP”, “HR”, etc., we have shifted towards a more horizontal approach. In order to focus on what matters most in each and every step of your growth and the corresponding challenges you face, we have developed multidisciplinary methodologies and comprehensive “service containers” that allow for fast implementation at a reasonable cost.

The benefits of such approach for clients are manifold: first of all, clients do not lose time, since they only need to explain their challenges once to their single point of contact. Second, there is no need to have a panoply of experts around the table, each dealing with their own segment, which subsequently requires coordination and consolidated. Which, eventually, also increases costs.

Technology-enabled Professional Services

Dedicating more resources on a matter is the most common solution for a traditional law firm if they need to increase speed whilst maintaining quality. Since the “time” factor is not scalable, and the “traditional” way of doing things do not necessarily produce the right outcome, we are investing heavily in technology that allow us to achieve better results.

By standardizing and, hence, digitizing processes, we are able to significantly reduce delivery times:

  • instead of relying on “templates”, our document generation platforms allow us to generate comprehensive, high quality deliverables that are truly tailored to our clients’ needs;
  • some of the other systems we have (co-)developed use algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning components, which enable us to dedicate more time to more complex issues. By automating certain steps in the development of certain deliverables – like cease and desist letters, notice and takedown requests, complaints, etc. – we are able to significantly reduce the total cost for clients.

Hence, we are able to increase speed of delivery, effectively scale our services, keep a full focus on quality, whilst keeping cost under control.

Product Focused and Result Driven

Turning “services” into “products” is something we are passionate about, so we can step away from the traditional “time & materials” approach. Our clients know what they are paying for and how much.

When bringing all of the above factors together, we are able to provide high quality, bespoke deliverables and results within a short timeframe at reasonable and, very often, fixed fees or – in part – fees that are commensurate with the client’s success.

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